About Us Jefferson

In 1990, CONTECH's Principals established the firm to bring their ideas, skills, knowledge and experience together with that of their Associates to provide comprehensive, professional services to its customers for construction and surety consulting, construction project services and dispute resolution.

CONTECH's qualifications and substantial expertise are drawn from the combined experience, education, capabilities and knowledge of its Principals and Associates. We are a consulting organization that combines technically experienced management with professionals and experts in Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Project Management, Project Development Construction Costs and Estimating involving the construction industry.

CONTECH’s lean core size, ability to rapidly expand its resources with its Associates, extraordinary degree of technical competence, and diversity of individual talent permits it to respond with the competence and speed which comes from practical experience, allowing it to effectively perform each assignment meeting or exceeding the expectation of its clients.

CONTECH's mission is to provide high quality construction consulting services that afford value to its clients and achieve client satisfaction.